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ScaleProduction Figuren Figures

Bring your scale dioramas to live with ScaleProduction resin figures. The figures are handmade in Germany with high quality resin.

Bringen Sie Leben in Ihre Dioramen. Alle ScaleProduction Figuren werden in Deutschland von Hand aus hochwertigem Kunstharz (Resin) hergestellt.

All we know is: …he’s the Stig’s resin-cast cousin.

ScaleProduction Resin Stig FigureScaleProduction Resin Figure The DrifterScaleProduction Resin Figure Detective JimScaleProduction Resin F.EnzoScaleProsduction Resin SurfergirlScaleProduction Resin Stuntman MikeScaleProduction Resin PamelaScaleProduction Resin OhrenfeindtScaleProduction Resin Officer NancyScaleProduction Resin Officer BufordScaleProduction Resin Michael KnightScaleProduction Resin Memphis RainesScaleProduction Resin Lt. CaineScaleProduction Resin KatieScaleProduction Resin JodieScaleProduction Resin HeidiScaleProduction GinaScaleProduction Country SallyScaleProducction Resin Colt GuyScaleProduction Resin City CobraScaleProduction Resin Burt BanditScaleProduction Biker PaulScaleProduction Resin Biker Girl