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ScaleProduction started manufacturing resin kits and transkits in 1995. Now, after more than 15 years and almost 300 kits, ScaleProduction is known worldwide for the finest quality resin, white metal and photoetched parts – made in Germany.

ScaleProduction begann 1995 Kits und Transkits aus Resin herzustellen. Jetzt, über 15 Jahre und fast 300 Kits später, ist ScaleProduction weltweit ein Begriff für Resin-, Weißmetall- und Photoätzteile in höchster Qualität.

ScaleProduction Audi quattro Sport

Audi quattro Sport

ScaleProduction VW T1 DoKa Crew Cab

VW T1 DoKa (Crew Cab)

ScaleProduction VW Golf V GTI ABT


ScaleProduction NisMagnum

NisMagnum GT-R34

ScaleProduction Alfa Romeo GTAj

Alfa Romeo GTAj

ScaleProduction VW Golf Mk2 GL

VW Golf Mk2 GL

ScaleProduction Porsche Cayman Interseries

Cayman Interseries

ScaleProduction Porsche 911RSR 1973

911 RSR 1973

ScaleProduction Nissan Skyline GT-R35 SEIBON


ScaleProduction GMC Fall Guy GMC Pick-Up

GMC Fall Guy P/U

ScaleProduction Ford Mustang Eleanor 2005

2005 Eleanor

ScaleProduction Ford Mustang Eleanor 1967

1967 Eleanor

ScaleProduction F360 N-Tec Rosso

F360 N-Tec Rosso

ScaleProduction Dodge Charger Coupé

Charger Coupé

ScaleProduction Chevrolet Corvette C3 Widebody

Corvette C3 Widebody

ScaleProduction Abarth 1000 TCR

Abarth 1000 TCR

ScaleProduction F355 GT3

F355 GT3

ScaleProduction Ford Mustang DTM

DTM Mustang

ScaleProduction 911 996 GT3 Cup

996 GT3 Cup

ScaleProduction 911 996 GT3R

996 GT3R

ScaleProduction Group2 Widebody

Group2 Widebody

ScaleProduction Dodge Viper GT2 LeMans

Viper GT2 LeMans

ScaleProduction VW Golf IV KitCar

VW Golf IV KitCar

ScaleProduction Lola T98/10 LeMans

Lola T98/10 LeMans

ScaleProduction F333 SP LeMans

F333 SP LeMans

ScaleProduction Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT

Murcielago R-GT